7 Content Marketing Trends You’ll Need To Be Alert To In 2010

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Content marketing is a superb marketing activity for driving commercial results, so that as more brands embrace this, the competition remains really tough. If you actively use content marketing in promoting your company and drive sales, it is vital to keep current with the latest content marketing trends. Becoming mindful of these trends inspires and empower that you create more efficient marketing strategies. Why don’t we get straight to business – here are seven content marketing trends you can not ignore this year.
The rise of branded entertainment
More and more brands across industries, from Lego to Red Bull, are becoming not only publishers of content, but entertainers also, by creating engaging content for example video series, audio podcasts, online magazines, plus more. Branded entertainment increases results at grabbing a person’s eye of shoppers and retaining it longer periods than advertising and traditional content publishing, given it has greater value and it is usually delivered in weekly or monthly installments. A great illustration of branded entertainment is Volvo’s inspiring ‘epic split’ video featuring Jean Claude van Damme.
The rise of marketing automation tools
Managing content effectively over a large number of social support systems can be hard, but an automation marketing system can help to save your day by enabling your organization to get control of the content it publishes. As well, automation marketing systems include advanced built-in tracking tools which show you how audiences communicate with your content. Businesses that integrate an automation system generate more conversions than others which don’t.
The micro-targeting approach
So that you can provide more personal and for that reason more engaging content, marketers across the world are centering on the micro-targeting approach, addressing the average person rather than the audience in particular. A growing number of brands are becoming boldly informal in their social internet marketing, and their micro approach also reflects in the manner they handle social interactions making use of their customers. Is going on concentrating on the individual, about the ‘you’, through the language and tone of your content, on the way you answer comments on social media.
The shift to visual storytelling
So that they can stand out from their competitors, internet marketers devote really their resources to producing engaging videos, slideshows, and infographics, as opposed to just plain word. Considering the fragmented attention of many Users, visual storytelling can accept the attention of your distracted audience more easily than text, and also to have a stronger influence on potential prospects. This is especially valid now when networks like Facebook allow us videos platform.
Distribution turns into a priority
Because of the content overload, marketers are paying more awareness of how they distribute and publish content than ever before. Which means effort and time is invested not just in creating engaging content, however in analyzing available distribution channels, and comparing these to see let’s consider best. Brands that identify the best social networking sites and marketing channels because of their business fare best compared to those that post content indiscriminately on all crack houses they encounter.
Mobile marketing is beginning to change the eye of online marketing
Mobile marketing opportunities are growing with a rapid pace, with additional plus more social networks and specialized services offering dedicated tools for marketers in promoting and advertise products straight away to mobile users. It’s not longer enough to have a mobile responsive site – brands must actively attempt to engage their mobile audience with personalized content and contests.
Social media has changed into a primary distribution channel
While social internet marketing has been huge over the last several years, now it’s becoming for most businesses the primary online marketing tool, displacing even advertisements. Brands are hiring professional content creators to generate for them social networking content, and are taking distribution seriously, attempting to be original on each of the big networks.
In fact, it can be asserted content marketing has become almost indispensable for virtually any business that aims for the strong online presence plus a large following. Content marketing is the backbone technique of engaging along with your audience, so requires careful attention and protracted effort. Now emerge your pen and paper, grab your team and begin strategizing.
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